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Welcome to this conference about differences in culture between China and Denmark. My name is Anders Holch Povlsen, and I am the CEO in BESTSELLER.

I will be holding this conference as you are going to China as employees. I will in this conference brief you about the importance of Chinas culture

and about differences in culture between China and Denmark, so you are briefed about cultural pitfalls to make your new subsistence as good as possible.

The power distance in China is way higher than here in Denmark, with a difference on 62 , which means companies in China often have centralized organizational structures with powerful leaders.

In other words, in China companies are more used to have a hierarchy in the organization, people should therefore not have aspirations beyond their rank.

In Denmark it is unusual to have a hierarchy in organizations. Companies often have a flat organizational structure where the leaders seek their employees’ advice no matter rank.

Basically, this means you cannot go directly to the boss, you will be communication through other employees.

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