Beggarland | Analysis | 10 i karakter

There are major differences in the living conditions of the socio-economic classes in virtually all areas of life.

These differences are described in Alan Silitoe’s novel , “Beggarland”. Alan Sillitoe was a British author, born in 1928 and raised in Nottingham's working class.

He is most famous for his debut novel “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning”, which was published in 1958 . Beggarland was first published in the women’s magazine “Woman and Home” in the 1990s.

Later the same day, Jane forbids her children from playing beggars, and Greta says that she did it because Ben and Angela insisted.

Greta wanted to use the money they earned to go to Southend with the children. Lastly, Greta packs her suitcase and gets ready to leave, but Jane stops her and tells her to go up and check on Ben and Angela.

The short story has a linear course of action while also using backstory and foreshadowing elements throughout.

“Beggarland” begins in medias res with a backstory “Best not ask how old she was. … Her reference had sounded all right, so Jane thought she would give her a try” (ll. 1-3).

We later find out that the backstory is a description of Greta. These backstories make it easier for the reader to establish a setting and have an early understanding of who the different characters are.

An example of a foreshadowing element in the story is “Beggars can’t be choosers, she said to Tim” (ll. 10-11).

This indicates that Jane was in desperate need of an au pair, and this foreshadows that she decides not to fire Greta, even though she let Ben and Angela beg for money at the metro station.

The short story takes place in London, which we acknowledge through several references to different places around London, such as London Library or Notting Hill Gate station.

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