‘The Other Couple’ by Sandra Marsland | Analysis

You should never compare your relationship with others, just because you see a couple who seems outwardly to be perfect, does not mean they are perfect.

Every relationship is different. Every relationship in this world has its problems, problems which you cannot run away from, no matter the consequences everyone must face their problems taking one day at a time.

This is what the story short story “The Other Couple” by Sandra Marslund’s from 2018 is about. It is about a couple who is on a vacation exploring a lot of things

but then suddenly our narrator gets an eye on another couple, and from there on everywhere they go the other couple keeps on showing up.

The way the woman is described is completely the opposite of the man. Another use of contrast can also be seen in our narrator and her boyfriend: “So… Penryn Point today?”

The writer makes use of contrast. An example of this can be seen when the narrator is talking about the other couple:

“He is richly tanned with a plume of silvery hair, and there’s something dapper about his manner, his straight back, the gold cufflinks glinting from his checked shirt, the way he severs his boiled egg in one smooth gesture.

The woman is short and waiflike, her skin sallow in a faded yellow T-shirt, ash grey hair rolled tight in a bun at the base of her neck.

Her hands tremble as she pours her tea.” This quote underlines the differences between the other couple.

The man is being described as an attractive and honorable man, whereby the woman is being described as old, worn, boring, and unattractive.

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