Animal Farm – Setting | Engelsk

Animal Farm by George Orwell takes place on a farm in England during an undisclosed time. The novel is an allegory of life in the previous Soviet Union. The tendency in the previous Soviet Union were that most of the population contained peasants who made their living off the land.

This is clearly seen in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, where not only the environment of the novel refers to the imaging of the farmer life in the time of the Soviet Union, but also the many connotations which expresses the sense of the setting.

Although we as readers can closely represent Animal Farm to the 20th century struggle in Russia, time Is one aspect of what setting contains, which is unclear and not directly mentioned in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

It is though mentioned that the time of the year is midsummer: “This was early in March. During the next three months, there was much secret activity” (p. 15). The actual date of midsummer is varying between the start of May and end of June, which is within the 3 months from March.

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