Animal farm or Russian revolution? | Analyse

While the first world war raged in Europe, Russia was a country in the division. This resulted in the outbreak of the revolution of 1917.

The revolution consisted of both the February Revolution and the October Revolution. The people were in revolt and fought for a democratic and classless society.

Soviet people trust blindly on the Soviet regime, however much controlled oppressed population.

This attempt George Orwell with his allegorical fable Animal Farm to portray a scenario where the revolution is fought on a farm where the animals wanted equal rights and opportunity for all.

George Orwell novel Animal Farm is a very well-known work and is among Orwell most famous works. Animal Farm is both a satirical novel and an allegorical fable. It is a timeless novel that still can be read with great pleasure.

The fable is an allegory of the uptake of the revolution, the revolution itself and the game, which subsequently fought. In the book “Animal farm” by George Orwell, I will first analyse a characterization of Boxer.

I will then analyse the themes and message.

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