Anima | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Have you ever experienced overthinking and furthermore getting confused about who you are? That is exactly what the short story “Anima” by the Scottish writer Brian McCabe is about.

“Anima” was published in 1985 and it is a part of the short story collection ‘The Lipstick Circus and Other Stories’. Brian McCabe was born in 1951 in Edinburgh, but grew up in a small city called Bonnyrigg in Scotland.

The physical setting is not the only setting in the short story. Lots of things are also going on in the boy’s head, which can be defined as a mental setting.

That is exactly why the short story is called Anima, which means the femenine part of a man’s personality. As said earlier, the boy is struggling with the confusion about his identity and how he should get dressed for the fancy-dress party.

The boy is also getting affected by his family’s opinion. “Hurry up and make yer mind,” the boy’s dad says on page 1 line 1. With this sentence, the dad means that the boy should hurry up and make a decision about how he should get dressed.

But the sentence could also be a symbol that he should hurry to himself. Another example can be found on page 3 line 2 where we get to meet his sister.

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