Analytic essay | “Deportation at Breakfast”

I will make an analysis of ”Deportation at Breakfast” a short story written by Larry Fondation. In my analysis, I will focus on the characterization, main theme, setting and structure.

The story takes place early in the morning at a café named Clara’s. The first twenty lines describe the place, for example does the narrator mention:

“The air smelled fresh and homey” and “The place looked better than most”. The narrator got lured by the homely atmosphere and cleanliness.

The location plays an important role in the story because you can tell by the Narrators description of the place that it really does have an impact on his mind.

The two main characters in the story are Javier and the Narrator. We do not get many details about Javier but according to the title “Deportation at Breakfast” and the fact that he gets arrested by the authorities, there is every indication that he is an illegal immigrant.

The text mentions him as a short man with a thick accent and black hair, but we do not get any details about his personality.

The Narrator is the main character in the story, we follow his thoughts and actions while visiting The place Clara’s early in the morning.

He gets lured by a very cheap breakfast offer and a clean place to eat, which indicates that the Narrator is poor or very frugal.

The Narrator mentions every little detail about The place and he or she even pays more attention to the atmosphere than the arrest of Javier.

The narrator appears as a spontaneously acting person. On page 2 line twenty-six after Javier’s arrest, the narrator goes behind the counter and starts to cook and take orders in as it is the most simple thing to do. The narrator seems completely comfortable with the takeover.

Several things suggest that the narrator's thinking is not reliable. It seems unreal that Javier can be arrested without the place being shut in while, in addition, the narrator seems to be safe in the kitchen and knows where all the things are located.

It looks as if the Narrator already knows the place. The story is told by a first-person narrator meaning that the narrator is subjective and can be untrustworthy because we do not get an outer perspective.

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