An analysis of disclosure

The short story could be based on something real which means the setting itself takes place in the real world, in this case, at a church confession room, but it also have alot of flashbacks. We also hear that it is about his dead wife, were he describes in details his part of the story.

And we hear all his expressions from father Erics point of veiw, so we know at all time how he feel about the whole situation, an example is that we hear at the very first paragraph of the story that the mans head was down-turned with his eyes fixed on something at the floor, which means that he was sad for what he had done and felt guilty.

All the characters are introduced individually in the story, the man first, then the wife and the cheating man, and last we learn about father Eric.

Theres is also a development for some of the characters, lets start with the main character, which starts happy, and later he becomes sad and angry, and the wife is also happy but changes when her husband wants children, then she decide to start a new life with another man.

It starts in a medieras, which means in the middle of an action, which in this case is in the churchs confession room, where the story narrator listens to a man telling that he killed his own wife, in flashbacks.

The final situation was intense, because the priest was shocked about the whole plot. The relation between, the character was intense, with both the couple, and the priest and the confesser. Its an open ending, because we dont know if the father will go to the police or not, so it gives an antonishing effect on the reader, cause we dont know what will happen next.

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