Agony Aunt | The smartphone | Answer

Our oldest daughter is a sensible and independent 10-year-old and she wants a smartphone. She is already an owner of an old-fashioned phone, as she sometimes walks home from school.

However, many of her friends have smartphones. My husband and I think she would be sensible; she isn’t a technology addict and spend most of her time playing outside.

This is quite a big dilemma I see. I think that if you really trust your daughter you should simply sit her down and have a gentle conversation about internet safety.

Young girls her age is fairly quick to cast someone out because they are different. It’s often about being the smartest and having the cool stuff.

And not having a smartphone when all the other kids in her class has one, it makes it very hard for her to keep being popular. I bet her friends all have social media accounts where they interact, like and comment each other’s posts.

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