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Donald Trump led his 2016 presidential campaign on “America First”, promising the working class to act on their behalf.

Donald Trump wants to create jobs for the everyday American and to further the consumption of American goods and services. His plan was to do this by installing so called tariffs on a lot of product lines from foreign countries.

The question now standing is whether or not his campaign “America First” actually benefits American workers and companies.

Depending on your political belief, people have a lot of mixed opinions on whether or not the campaign fulfills its promise.

One side prefers to merely look at quantitative data such as statistics and numbers, whereas the more critical side consisting of theorists look way deeper than just stats and numbers.

The critical side also tends to look at some of the more long-term effects, that the campaign will have on America.

and increasing tariffs will often result in a trade war and tariffs from other countries. This makes American goods and services more expensive in the countries and question.

When the price goes up, the demand goes down. Therefore, American businesses risk losing a lot of sale on export.

Furthermore, some businesses also risk getting higher production expenses if they use parts or materials from around the world. When production costs go up, the company stands with one of two choices.

They either get a smaller profit or up the price on their goods. The most likely choice being the last. This will also make the company a lot less cost competitive on a global spectrum, lowering their export further .

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