The Wolf of Wall Street is about the young stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Jordan teamed up with his partner Danny Azoff and started the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont, in the early 1990s.

Jordan recruits some of his lowlife friends and teaches them how to sell stocks. The company started growing rapidly, and quickly went from 20 to over 250 money hungry employees.

Stratton Oakmont became notorious for their insane parties filled with all the drugs in the world and alcohol.

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Margot Robbie played Jordans wife Naomi, who is the Duchess of Bay Ridge. Margot played the role very well, and even perfected the hard Brooklyn accent.

Margot had before the shootings of the film talked to the real Naomi, where she learned what Jordan and Naomi’s fights where about, and how she was around “The Wolf”.

Jonah Hill plays Jordans partner Donnie Azoff. Jonah’s character is loosely based on Jordans real partner Daniel Mark Porush, where Jonah plays the drug loving criminal who would do anything for Jordan Belfort. Jonah really nails the role, and it was hard to imagine him not being like this in real life.