‘A mother’s white privilege’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

” A mother’s white privilege” is written by Elizabeth Broadbent, a female blogger and mother of three boys.

When writing, Broadbent places her focus on parenting and social issues like racism as seen in this text. The blog is about Elizabeth

as a mother, experiencing being white and having white children compared to what black mothers have to worry about, when having black children.

White privilege to a mother means that she does not have to be afraid when her kids leave the home, whereas black mothers will be at home in fear.

She states: “For a mother, white privilege means your heart doesn't hit your throat when your kids walk out the door. It means you don't worry that the cops will shoot your sons.”

This quote roughly explains what white privilege is to a mother. And her way of thinking, compared to what she believes a black mother would place her focus on based on her knowledge of the American society and system.

When you are a mother to small kids, you will not worry that people will mistake their toy gun for a real one, as she says in her blog.

Or when they grow up a white mother will have other worries than a mother of color, where she mentions that when her sons are teenagers, she will not worry about them leaving the house, but worry about them impregnating a girl or crash a car.

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