In the text, we do not get any description of the setting. But through the characters we get a sense of a typical local town in The United States. Both Tobie’s words about her dad: “His main object in life seems to be to prove how much money he can make and keep.”1 and Jackie’s comment about her ex-husband as well: “Roger ́s a miser at heart: he wants every cent I spend accounted for, yet he ́ll go out and buy something outlandishly showy to prove he ́s got money,”2 leaves the reader with a picture of an average middle-aged man reaching for the American dream by using a whole lot of money.

Also the fact that Roger had refused a divorce is an indicator of his old fashion way of living. It seems he has a lack of openness, tolerance and acceptation that is very normal in small societies opposite the big cities, where for an example minorities are more respected. Besides that the settings are very objectively charged because of the shortage of comments. The time is the 1980s, where the story also is written. The telling stretches over a couple of hours - from the phone rings till Tobie and Warrick leave Ellen’s place.