You Can’t Stop Us | Analyse | Nike Commercial

Branding is the process by which the company makes decisions regarding the company name and logo. However, there are many different interpretations of, how the branding concept should be understood.

But all interpretations have a common denominator and that is that branding of a company is, where you try to "burn yourself" in the memory of the various consumers with your company or product.

Under the branding concept itself, there are a wide range of branding strategies that the company can choose, depending on how they want to show their product to the consumer and create the unique, so that the consumer can remember the product.

For example, some companies try to be relevant and aware of the societal issues and brand the company out of wanting to help solve certain problems in the community. This strategy can be seen in the commercial "You Can't Stop Us", which is produced by Nike in 2020.

Racial discrimination, police violence, and racism define the reality of black Americans in the United States today. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Nike uses black Americans like Kaepernick in their advertising, but it is a deliberate move from them.

Kaepernick is a black American, who chose to kneel for the first time during the national anthem, to protest against police violence and racial discrimination. This created a lot of debate.

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