Why do people spend so much money on keeping up with the trends?

Young people have an urge to keep up with fashion and what's popular.

we all spend a whole lot of money including myself on being part of the flock example by having the newest iPhone, or the most popular shoes. why do we do it? is it because we are afraid of being excluded if we do not wear the same clothes or have the same phone as everyone else?

I think there is something about being excluded if you don't follow what’s popular. Young people are so terrified of being themselves, and do something different, so that’s why young spend so much money on following the trends.

I think, that we somehow buy ourselves self-esteem and confidence by wearing some cool clothes, etc. As a young person, you are in the process of building your identity, finding out who you are and where you belong.

so, we use material things to both express our identity and personality but also to show, that we are confident.

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