In 2016 trump was highly voted for, at the presidential election. Trump has thru his time as a president, made a big name for himself, in a positive and a negative way.

On the paper The Washington Post, the article “Trump fights to keep a job he shows no interest in performing” was published 16. November 2020.

In the article, the use of logos is used, as he speaks a lot to reason. Max boot is already starting to talk about what Franklin D. Roosevelt could have done better.

He puts the situation as "imagine if he instead...". He puts the situation in a different perspective if he had done things differently.

He makes the same use of logos as he begins to talk about Trump's corona politics. Max comes up with scary facts about how many people are infected with corona in a week and how many die every day.

he puts it in perspective with it would be like if 3 Boeing 747 planes crashed. Max argued that Ms. D. Rosenvelt made some wrong decisions and chose to devote her energy to the wrong thing.