Late Nights and Political Fights | Engelsk opgave

5b - Nonfiction
1. Write a short summary of Bill Maher’s editorial monologue excerpt from “The Fudge Report”, as well as James Corden’s response, “James Corden Responds to Bill Maher’s Fat Shaming Take”, in about 125 words in total.
2. Write an analytical essay (600-900 words) about the two monologues. Your essay must focus comparatively on how both Maher and Corden engage the audience and get their messages across.
3. Include the following analytical terms in your essay:
a. topic, intention, style
4. In your essay, you must include references to both texts (see picture at the bottom on how to cite).
5. See attached videos ‘5b1’ and ‘5b2’ for transmissions of both monologues, respectively.

So, in Bill Maher’s opinion, being obese can be beautiful for same, maybe, but when it comes to the health side of the story, it is indeed scientifically proven that being obese is not a healthy way of living.

He uses arguments against how it has become a taboo topic (l. 16).

Normal sized, healthy sized, people are no longer the majority of the society, no, it has been normalized being obese as the amount of overweight people have critically outnumbered the amount of the normal sized.

In his approach to reach out about the problem, Bill Maher is right about the problem, pandemic you could almost call it, as it is a worldwide problem that needs a solution.

But the solution that Bill Maher concludes, may not be the best possible way for countries to attack the problem. At least, that is what James Corden thinks of the matter.

About a week after The Fudge Report went live, James Corden gives some answers to Bill Maher’s take on shaming the obese to a healthier size.

As James Corden got wildly offended by the comments of Bill Maher, he takes it upon himself to take up the argument and come with some answers, winning over his audience using pathos argumentation.

James Corden does agree with Bill Maher concerning one point of the original Fudge Report statement, that it is a big problem that needs a solution.

But the solution to the problem should in this case, and in no other case for that matter, be to shame people out of their problems. Besides hosting a late-night show, James Corden is also a great comedian and well-known actor.

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