What they say about Fantasy | Engelsk

The word fantasy brings up thoughts of dragons, witches, elves, fairies and vampires, but it also brings up images of battles, heroes and quest. The central to the fantasy genre is magic or witchcraft. A story can take place in a parallel world, where there are two worlds and one real.

The protagonist often in the fantasy genre are children, the character enter through a portal that takes place on another planet or on another undiscovered dimension of this world. Fantasy is a blind place filled with the never ending longings of man. This paper will demonstrate how fantasy leads between positives and negative influences for children and for adolescents in the real world.

How can fantasy stories helps children learn about reality?

Reading and watching fantasy can lead in positives and negatives effects. For example many young girls relate to Disney princesses, these movies can help strengthen children’s vocabulary, communication, language and solving problems in the real world.

Reading fantasy for children enhances the child’s imagination and creative process, which is a huge benefit to any child. Children learn from the characters in the stories and this helps them connect the situation with their own lives. Fantasy can help them develop emotional by helping them connect the stories to the real life issues.

The disadvantages to the Disney princesses the young girls, will wait for their princes and will expect a lot of things in the future. When I was a young girl, my mother always read a bedtime stories, I was always amazed about the quest of the princesses, the fantasy enhance my creativeness and it was easier to communicate to my classmates.

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