Dear fellow international students here at the University of London.

My name is Julie Baunkjær and I’m also an International Student here at this University. I`m so glad that so many of you showed up today to listen to my speech, also because it is such an important topic, namely immigration in the US.

There is many different aspects of this topic, but today I first of all want to account for the US immigration reform and explain what immigration is.

Next I will account for the illegal immigration that is going on in the US in the present and I will analyse opposing views and finally discuss.

So first of all when an immigration reform is put in motion it all starts by a law being passed in the Government, then a change in the immigration policy will be set in place.

Immigration reforms are aimed at minimizing the negative consequences of immigration to a nation while being geared towards maximizing the benefits

and with benefits means for example getting immigrant to work and getting them completely included in the American society. But for this transition to happen without any problems everything must be done by the books.

That brings me to big discussion point for this speech, and that is: the US is experiencing a still increasing number of illegal immigrant crossing the border between the United States and Mexico and legal immigrant who overstay their visas.

So many hopeful people, maybe living in poverty or just in a city or country where there is no opportunities, sees a chance for a better life in the US and sees a way to turn their life around and achieve something in the country where everything is possible.

Here we go again “the American dream”. That’s one of the reasons why so many tries to inter the US. But with our present conditions for “outsiders” due to tourism and so on, the Americans are closing their borders more and more.