Immigration and economy | Speech | 10 i karakter

Good evening fellow students of Boston University, my name is Markus Kirring and I am eighteen years old. I am very delighted that the has chosen me to be the speaker for today.

I am here today to tell you about trends in the current debate on immigration in the US. I will also cover how the immigration has affected the economy of our great nation.

Although these fact states that immigration has helped this country economically, and probably will keep helping, a lot of the American population do not want them.

Actually, the immigration has fallen 70 percent, which is some of the lowest it has ever been. You can probably track this down to the White House, where Donald Trump has been sitting.

He had a very unwelcome tone, when speaking about immigrants. The fact that he has been in an advert, where the main subject was that all immigrants are illegals and dangerous

which us definitely not true, is a really unorthodox way of handling a very sensitive subject in America.

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