My name is Caroline and I am a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science and I will like to make a speech about immigration in Britain.

Is immigration good for Britain? Immigration can be both good and bad for Britain.

I have read an article by Martha Buckley who says that immigrants live in Britain but do not adjust to the British culture.

They live in their own communities with their own shops and they do not speak English which has a bad influence for the country because they cannot communicate with rest of the population.

It is a problem when they need to go to the doctor and they have to use an interpreter because it is very expensive for the state. Sometimes we experience that the children have to translate.

There is a survey where 60 percent of the people think there is more disadvantages than advantages to foreigners coming to the UK.

People are afraid that foreigners come to the UK and abuse the benefit system by not getting a job but instead they just sit at home and do not give anything back to the state.

To maintain the benefit system, we need to work harder to pay for all the people who just sit at home. It is not fair and it is not the way the development of our country should continue.

It is very important to integrate immigrants into the labour market and adapt to the British culture. In this way the whole society grows and in that case it can be an advantage that immigrants are coming to us.

If we get the immigrants into the labour market and they start to contribute to the British culture and learn to speak English, our country will be on the right track.

But it demands we get more jobs maybe more companies because people are afraid to lose their jobs because the foreigners would take them.