Using all the texts from the given material, write an argumentative essay in which you account for and discuss social mobility and the importance of class in Britain.

Give your essay an appropriate headline.
Word count: 1000-1200 words

Your essay must include references to the source material.
All sources must be documented.

This essay examines the problem statement concerning social mobility and class. Therefore, how does the social statues of the rich affect their future career compared to the poor.

The topic in this essay is social mobility and class in the UK. The difference between rich and poor is huge in the UK. Therefore, the top jobs are often given to people who are born into the upper class in the UK.

People who are born into wealth often get a better education and have a lot more support from home financially wise.

Argumentative essay UK
Future career - what path is clear
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The importance of wealth is huge, and the name of your family could help you a lot if you are living in England.

Daniella Adeluwoye is a great example to show how the working class is struggling even though she got into Cambridge. “I thought I made it when I got to Cambridge University. How wrong I was” .