Two kinds | Analyse

Two kinds, a short story


The short story “Two kinds” (1989) by Amy Tan, is about a girl called Jing-Mei and her mother. The mother forces Jing-Mei to play the piano because she wants her to be a prodigy, although Jing-Mei does not want this.

The mother forces Jing-Mei to go to the school talent show, though Jing-Mei does not want to learn how to play the piano.

She fails and embarrasses herself in front of the school. Afterwards, she disappoints her mother by saying that she never wants to play the piano again.

When Jing-Mei turns 30 years old the mother wants to give her the piano as a present. Jing-Mei turns the present down. It is not until her mother’s death she accepts the piano.

- Summary
- Analytical essay

The short story “Two kinds” (1989) by Amy Tan, focuses on a fight between the narrator (Jing-Mei) and her mother, about which one of them has the control over the narrator’s life.

The short story “Two kinds” simulates the struggle of the mother’s Chinese cultural background and the narrator's American background.

The mother wants her daughter to “become a prodigy” in the USA.

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