Travelling | Essay | 12 i karakter

Hey! My name is Emil, and I’ve always been a huge fan of travelling. Travelling comes in many different forms and shapes

but I’m mostly used to travelling when I’m going on a vacation with my family in the holidays.

Even though laying by the poolside and eating snacks and enjoyable food all day is an amazing thing

the best travelling experience I’ve had was when I went on a Youth Camp on Murran Island, which is located right of the Scottish Coast. Let me tell you how it went!

First off, I went to Youth Camp because I, was beginning to be a little bit too lazy at home. Most days I spent In front of my computer playing video games

which caused me to be a bit anxious and sometimes a little depressed, so I really needed something exciting to get me up and about.

One of my friends in school told me about it, and I was sold! So, I got to it and booked myself a flight ticket and left the country with butterflies in my stomach.

Once I arrived at the camp, I was really impressed by how beautiful the place was. The place was very bountiful and surrounded by a beautiful beach. And the island was packed with teenagers!

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