‘This is England’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

The movie ‘’This is England’’ is a movie from 2006 and is taking place in 1983. It is about the 12-year old boy Shaun Fields. Shaun lives with his mother in an unidentified town in the Midlands.

Shaun is having a hard time since his father passed away in the Falklands War, it is shown that he feels a lot of anger and is having a hard time controlling this anger.

After being bullied at school, Shaun meets Woody and the skinhead gang, on his way home, they feel sympathy for Shaun and invite him to join the group. Shaun connects closely with Woody, seeing him as a big brother figure.

I think the main reason why Shaun joined the skinheads was because of his lack of a father figure and because he wanted to be around some people who just accepted him.

Shaun quickly finds comfort in Woody and all the others, he spends all his time with them. He starts to behave a lot more like them, it is clear that he is happier with the group than before.

But when Combo enters his life, the purpose of being with the gang changes, he now wants to be the same kind of skinhead as Combo.

He is now supporting the far-right parties. They are nationalists and want all the immigrants out of the country and want Britain to what it once was.

The skinheads are defined by their close-cropped or shaven heads and working-class clothing such as Dr. Martens and steel toe work boots, braces, high rise and varying length straight-leg jeans, and button-down collar shirts, usually slim fitting in check or plain.

The skinhead subculture originated in the working class of the youth in London in the 1970s. The early skinheads were not necessarily part of any political movement

but in the 1970s the skinheads became more politically active, and racially motivated behavior began to take place.

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