This is England | Analyse

This is England is a movie about a young boy named Shaun. One day after having a bad day in school, Shaun goes home. On the way home, Woodie and some of his friends stop him, and they start handing out. Woody is the leader of the group “skinheads”, and Shaun also becomes a part of the group.

He cuts his hair, changes his clothes, and like all the others he wears in dr. Martens. Not long time after that Combo comes back to the skinheads after spending 3 years in prison, and then it all changes. Combo wants the skinheads to fight against immigration, but Woody does not. They split up the group, and Shaun ends up going with Combo hoping that it would have made his father proud. Combo is too controlling and one day, they start talking about Milky ́s childhood. He gets jealous and knocks him unconscious. Because of that Shaun distances himself from Combo and the group.

Shaun is the main character in the movie, and we see it all from his point of view. Shaun is a 12- year-old boy, who lives in a small town in Britain with his mother. His father died in the Falklands War. In school, Shaun gets bullied because of his big pants and with his dead father. After becoming a member of the skinheads, we do not see him go to school anymore.

He seems happier after he joined the skinheads, and his mother has accepted his decision. Shaun meets his first love Smell, who is a bit older and she is also more experienced, but they like each other and eventually become a couple. When Combo comes home from prison, Shaun joins Combo’s group, and that means he leaves Woody. Combo becomes a father figure for Shaun, and they care a lot about each other.

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