Lying is one of the many abilities the human race has. It is also one of the abilities everyone is guilty of using. We use lies to create false and untruthful perceptions of the world.

Lying can be a means to protect ourselves from reality. Fiction is also a type of a lie. Unreal identities, universes and worlds are part of fiction. Thus, they are untrue, and a lie. Therefore, the word “lie” has a broad meaning.

In addition, she feels like she is responsible for her parents still being together despite their unhappy marriage. You could therefore say that her parents are living a lie through their marriage.

The parents’ opinion when it comes to lying is set straight in the first lines of “This Is All Mostly True”. “Mum says lying is wrong; Dad says white lies are okay”.

Elsie’s mother proves herself wrong many times throughout the story. An example is when she says she is going out for bingo although she is actually going out clubbing with the girls. (p 1. ll. 9-10).

The lying has a big impact in Elsie’s life and therefore also the story. For that reason, the main conflict of the story is about Elsie and her confusion when it comes to differentiating what is a lie and what is truth/real.