The short story was written in 2014 by Emanuel Melo. Emanuel Melo is an intermedia artist, his works is connecting to art.

Portuguese and English and therefore he wrote the short story The Weekly Visit, to tell the connection between several cultures as he himself has experienced it.

In the short story The Weekly Visit we are talking about a third person narrator and that is because we follow Jake, and we can in several cases follow what he thinks which is also seen on page 1 line 37-40.

“He doesn’t relate to the language of his childhood. It makes it more difficult to argue with her or to explain what he’s all about. The language stifles his ability to express himself to her.

He hasn’t told her yet that he plans to stop the weekly visits.” Here we are inside Jake's thoughts as we can read up on how he feels about the Portuguese language and with the Portuguese culture after his mother shouted at him and told him how she feels in Portuguese.

In the short story The Weekly Visit, the main character is Jake. The way we know it is that it is him we follow throughout the text, we know what he is feeling, and we know what he is thinking.

Besides that, the title "The Weekly Visit" is also made because of Jake's life, he visits his sick mother once every week where we follow him there.