The Weekly Challenge | Canadian fiction story

” The mysterious box”, was what we called the box that contained the weekly challenge. Each week should one of us pull of a challenge, and this week it was my turn. I opened the box, rummaged around a bit in it and picked out a note.

Carefully I opened up the note, my eyes reeded the words, and not a second passed before my face was completely frozen. I looked up at the others in the group and I did not know what to say.

It was completely quiet for a few seconds, before I read out what the note said. Commit a murder, it said. The others just looked at me and smiled at the same time they sat the clock to 168 hours. I now had 168 hours to think about the perfect plan, commit a murder, get rid of the body and hope that I will never be discovered.

The thoughts were running around, I accepted the challenge and drove home where the planning immediately began.

I knew there was a party at Bogeys the following Friday. The plan was laid, I would commit a murder on Friday at Bogeys. The plan was: Find one of the indigenous peoples, kidnap the person, drive away, kill, get rid of the body and hope I would never be discovered.

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