The short story “The Sentry” by Téa Obreht tells the story about the young boy named Bojan and his sentry mastiff called Kaiser. Bojan’s father gave him Kaiser for protection, which Bojan was very excited about since he never had one before.

Unfortunately Bojan was very disappointed when he saw Kaiser for the first time. Bojan looked forward to have a family kind of dog, but Kaiser was far from being one.

Kaiser was very aggressive and many people in the neighborhood was afraid of Kaiser and they would also complain about his barking and behaviour from time to time; “Within its first month at their house, the dog had killed two of the neighborhood’s alley cats” (p. 2, l. 31).

As time went by Bojan found his own way to tame Kaiser. The table turned the day Bojan pointed an empty gun at Kaiser and fired, because after that Kaiser would obey him at any time. Kaiser became less and less aggressive and would even whine more often and one day it pissed itself.

The story is primarily about family relations and especially about Bojan’s strained relationship to not only his father, who is very dominant, but also his relationship to his dog Kaiser, the mastiff.