The pros and cons of SoMe | Opgave | 10 i karakter

Social media are felling more and more in everyday life. More and more people used social media, especially young people. But the age group has been really wide over the years.

Why do we use social media so much? What is it that we achieve by using social media? There are both pros and cons of using social media, and I want to tell you more about that.

Because the sender can be anonymous. It is so unpleasant that you do not know who is bullying, and in this way, it´s also difficult to tell the people who are bullying, that it´s wrong to do.

The language may seem much harder, when you don't have a body language involved. And you misunderstand each other.

Pictures and messages can easily be shared with others over the web, and that way you can become even more humiliated. So, cyberbullying is a huge problem that really needs to do something about.

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