The pitched battle over lockdowns is missing the… | Analyse

“The pitched battle over lockdowns is missing the point: Covid-19 is a class issue” is a news article by John Harris published in the Guardian October 18th, 2020.

In this text John Harris seeks to create attention around a big problem caused by the covid-19 pandemic that many of us seems to overlook.

That one of the biggest problems this disease has caused is the growing inequality especially in the UK. The focus of this essay will be inequality and how John Harris communicates this message.

The language of the article is formal there is no use of slang and the words are chosen wisely. The article is written from John Harris perspective therefore the language is embossed by personal language and beliefs.

The very first line in the fourth paragraph is an example of use of personal language: “Since the start of the crisis, I have been regularly talking to many of the leaders in the north of England whose anger at condescending treatment from Boris Johnson and his colleagues continues to make the headlines.”

We can see the personal language when he uses words as “I” also including a description of what he experienced.

Due to this line John Harris creates a reliability with the reader in view of the fact that he informs the reader about his knowledge and how he got it.

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