The New Girl, by Marc Mitchell (Florence, Alabama)

1. Reread the first paragraph: How does the narrator remember that day?
2. Introduce the two children in the story: age, activities, etc.
3. Describe the meeting between the narrator and the new girl.
4. How is the positive contact interrupted by Allison? Which of the following words would
5. How is the water from the sprinkler on the lawn used to underline the tension among the children?
6. What does the new girl's body language (when returning to her home) tell us about her mood?
7. What does the girl's mother do about the situation? What, according to the narrator, could she have done?
8. "Mom says they're going to ruin our house" (p.23). What could she mean by this remark?
9. The narrator feels very strongly that he has done something wrong - where in the text do we see that?
10. This is a true story. Consider what light that throws on the story, esp. the ending.
11. The themes in the text are: peer pressure - how children adopt their parents' attitudes - racism – loss of innocence - initiation. If you could only choose one which would be?

• The girls mother opens the window curtains a bit to look at the narrator and Allison
• She could’ve opened the door and demanded an apology, according to the narrator.

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