The New Girl | Analyse | Marc Mitchell | 10 i Karakter

1. Give a short summary of the text.
2. Characterize the two main characters, the first-person narrator and Allison, in the text.
3. Try to explain the two last paragraphs of the text. Why do you think the knot in the stomach did not disappear, even after so many years? Why do think the first-person narrator knows that the girl and her mother have not forgotten her/him?
- What do the two texts have in common?
- Can you make any perspectives to the black people in The USA today?

The short story begins on a warm day. The narrator and Allison live in a block where there are not any other children. While they are riding their bikes, they see a black girl. When the narrator says hi to her, Allison tells her “Get out of here,' nigger,”.

The narrator stops smiling at her. Allison says that she will beat the black girl. The narrator tries to imitate what she/he has seen on Allison’s face.

When the black girl asks them to play together, Allison spits back. Then, the black girl goes to her home.

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