The Lakes of Copenhagen | Essay

The wind blows quietly by as the sky turns a dark orange color over the archaic roofs of Copenhagen. The same roof tiles that have witnessed the world change and seen buildings appear from nothing forming the city, in which they remain unmoved and untouched.

As the last rays of sunshine touch those magnificent buildings for the last time before it disappears beyond the horizon, the city lights up with millions of beautiful lights. Streetlamps and neon signs have now replaced the sun.

The glorious metropolis is shimmering with artificial light, casting its bright white light upon the many people enjoying the pleasant spring night. The sky is as clear as the

most peaceful lake and has turned a deep blue color, where it feels as I could disappear if I stared at it for too long. Yet I remain on solid ground, glancing at the sky. Stars begin to appear above, only a few, just the once strong enough to shine through the light from the ground.

The moon emerges from behind the buildings and sheds a cold yet calming light on the surroundings. It is perfectly round and appears larger than usual, which enables me to see the craters and mountains on its surface.

The Lakes is a testament to massive growth and development. It was once the outskirt of the city used as a moat to withstand attackers. But as the world developed and there was no more need for moats, so as the city expanded it became this beautiful glimpse of nature inside the city.

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