The Hostage by Andrew Vachss | 10 i karakter

Many people live with a mental health disorder. They have different symptoms, but they are all characterized by a combination of unusual thoughts, emotions, behavior and relationships to other people.

In the short story “Hostage”, written by Andrew Vachss in 1989, the two main characters struggle with some type of mental disorders. They both suffer from trauma and loneliness.

"Took off my jacket, laid it on the ground like a blanket. I dropped my shirt on top. Took of my undershirt and added it to the pile. I unlaced my shoes, took them off, peeled off my socks and put them inside. Rolled up the cuffs off my pants to mid-calf." (p.160, ll.5-9)

We hear a lot more about what’s going on in his mind, he is very calm. ”I got up, went to him. put my arms around him. Took the gun gently from his hand. Patted his back, talking softly to him’’ (p. 162, ll.22-24).

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