Hostage – Andrew Vachss | Engelsk essay

Mentally damaged or censorious policemen can be very dangerous for people around them and the problem has increased in the past few years. As late as August a policeman shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This is also the main theme in Hostage. The story is about a young man called Mark who threatens his own mother. Walker, a mentally damaged hostage negotiator, is trying to calm him down, but some twisted personal problems lead to an innocent murder.

- Characterization
* Walker
* Mark
- Flashback
- Conclusion

Walker tells about how he shot and killed a thirteen-year-old back in the days. He also tells about the time he went to war in Vietnam and this knowledge has a big influence on the rest of the story. This is also the part of the story where he tells why he became a hostage negotiator and it makes the story understandable. All these information together makes us understand what is crossing his mind and we can now see what he is going through.

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