‘The Hate U Give’ | Analytical essay

Socialization is a process whereby a person acquires the culture of a given social group or society by learning the norms, values, behavior, and social skills thereby, shaping his or her personality or individual self.

‘The Hate U Give’ is a novel written by Angie Thomas and published in 2017. The story is a clear example of identity conflict, starring Starr, the narrator of the story, who explores her contact between her identity and race.

The essay will center on chapters 1-12, and the main focus is Blackness – an identity conflict of acting too white or too black.

I don’t have to decide which Starr I have to be with him. He likes both. Well, the parts I’ve shown him. Some things I can’t reveal, like Natasha.

Once you’ve seen how broken someone is, it’s like seeing them naked – you can’t look at them the same way anymore.” (p.85, l. 11). We see here that she is giving Chris parts of herself that her other classmates have not seen.

Her bearings show that she has barriers around her white friends. She does not want to show her “broken” side because white people see some of her parts as genuinely broken considering their different cultures.

It can perchance be a social skill as relationship management. Starr knows how to act in front of her white friends, but it affects her identity. She establishes two worlds, hence, an identity conflict.

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