1. Write a characterisation of the main character. Your characterisation should focus on her development in the movie. Include cinematic techniques of your own choice in your characterisation.

2. Describe the setting. Your analysis should include the social and cultural environment in which Starr Carter has grown up and include cinematic techniques of your own choice.

Starr Carter is the main character in the movie “The Hate U Give”, she is a teenager who has already dealt with a lot of traumatic things.

At first glance, she is a very normal Afro-American looking girl. She has braids and wears Jordan shoes. Although this might seem very peaceful we later find out it is not.


As explained above, one could argue that this movie is divided into two different environments. The environment of version 1 is poor and inconsolable. Garden Heights is a middle-class American neighborhood.

The houses seem fairly big and are filled with big families. Starr describes the town as “where our people is”, it seems like everybody knows each other.