The film takes place in the present since the social issues are the same as the ones the world is dealing with today. In the film, they are experiencing racial harassment from policemen and other white individuals.

The film takes place in two completely different areas of Georgetown, Mississippi. One is called Garden Heights which is a black, lower- income area.

Garden Heights has a high crime rate and you have to stay woke at every minute of the day to stay alive.

Most of the crime is drugs and gang violence, which can scare the citizens and get the respect that most people seek.

Also, the stores and houses are old and you can tell that they have not been renovated for many years.

The reason for this is that most of the citizens are trying to get food on the table and mostly cares about their family. The other part of the city is a white, higher-income area.

Most people live in big houses and drive nice cars, and the kids go to private schools and wear uniforms. People from Williamson only care about money and material goods.

The main character Starr is a 16-year-old black girl, who lives in Garden Heights with her mom, dad, older brother Seven, and younger brother Sekani.

Starr attends a private school called Williamson Prep, where the majority of the students are privileged white individuals.

Starr creates two different personalities, whenever she is in Garden Heights and when she is at Williamson Prep.

Her personality in Garden Heights is more “ghetto” and she needs to keep up a front, to keep the respect from the rest of her tough neighborhood.

Her dad is a former King Lords member, which is the biggest gang in Garden Heights. At Williamson Prep she does not speak “ghetto” and keeps another front towards the white privileged students.