Reality tv are defined as television shows, where you get insight into people's lives. The producer or host takes a group of ordinary people and places them in either an unfamiliar scene or a very familiar scene. There are different types of reality shows.

There are competitions, documentaries, dating shows and so much more. The ones we hear most about are the dating shows and the reality shows, where you follow a famous family.

Reality shows do not have a manuscript or a timeline. It is people being “monitored” through camera lenses.

This is a gameshow, so not everything is off script. There are some things that have been planned before the participants entered the show.

In the show there is a host (Michelle), who tells what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and where it is going to happen.

Michelle is the first one you see when you watch the show. She introduces the show, explains what it is about and says what the main prize is, if you win.

Then we meet the participants. The 1st participant is Savannah, she is 24 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Savannah is a round character, because even though at first sight she seems to only care about looks, she explains that she works with data research.