The backside of social media | Essay | 10 i karakter

Why did I choose this Subject? • Personal interest I personally think, that the backside and the negative impact, that social media has on teenagers, is really interesting

also because it is something, that I have felt on myself and something, that I’ve talked a lot with my friends and parents about.

All social media has a responsibility, but business is business, and the people behind social media wouldn’t want to do anything

to stop their running media, and well going source of income, so from their angle, they deny every negative side-effect of social media The negative side

• FOMO The concept: ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is used a lot to describe how many teenagers are scared to miss out on things.

FOMO is also becoming a problem on social media. Teenagers gets addicted to their cell phones and are afraid to miss out on what their friends are doing, what the newest trend will be or how one of their idols just released a new album.

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