‘Sweetness’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The relations between blacks and whites has changed a lot over the years. Not so long-ago blacks were looked down at and had very little opportunities in life.

This subject is presented in the novel Sweetness. The novel is written by the African American Toni Morrison and published in 2015 in the magazine The New Yorker.

We get a different image of the Narrator at the end of the novel. She tells how her daughter never comes to visit and has moved far away.

The narrator regrets how she treated Lula Ann, as she says herself “If I sound irritable, ungrateful, part of it is because underneath is regret” (p. 4, I. 21).

This is a big step for her, and it shows how she has grown, and the personality change she made. It still doesn’t change how we feel about the narrator, the way she treated Lula Ann gave us compassion for the baby girl and we can’t let go of that.

The narrator tells us how she parented her child and that all she did was necessary; an example is this quote “

I feel bad sometimes about how I treated Lula Ann when she was little. But you have to understand I had to protect her” (p. 3 II, 13.14)

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