What is the purpose of having children if humanity does not have a decent planet to put them on?

When it comes to understanding sustainability and climate change, every human plays an important role. Sustainability can be described as the different needs that we depend on in environmental terms, but without spoiling the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

Humanity faces many threats, but none is greater than climate change. But what does it mean to sustain something?

In the past few decades, scientists have warned humanity of the consequences a heated planet could face and how changing climates can affect the planet. Nevertheless, many people do not see the seriousness of the actions they take.

Leonardo talks about how all people can help improve the environment through economics. He says: "The economy will die if our ecosystems collapse."

This is a strong argument since the economy depends on the environment. All people have an impact on the environment and if everyone makes sure to maintain a stable economy, then it will go in the right direction with a healthy environment.

Not only for now, but most importantly for the future. It is crucial to think long-term.

Furthermore, Leonardo points out that he speaks to the people as a concerned citizen, not an expert.

The most prominent thing in his speech is that he mentions to the people that he is an actor who plays a role as a fictional person, and therefore he knows about the fact of pretending that things are not happening.

But the difference is that a movie is not reality, things do not really happen. But the sustainable development of this planet is not fiction, it is unfortunately reality.

This is reality and it does not disappear by pretending that it does not exist. He also mentions: "Solving this crisis is not about politics, it is a question of our own survival."

Leonardo argues for the seriousness of climate change and the fact that something needs to be done. In other words, all people need to reflect on what future they want for their children, grandchildren, and the people whom one day get the opportunity to experience this planet we live on.

All people must have the opportunity that has been given to this generation, especially the future generation.

Another important person who has spoken out about climate change is Obama, who at the time was president of the United States.

On September 23, 2014, Obama gave a speech at the UN Climate Change Summit. Obama points out to the people that no nation is immune to climate change.