1. Define in which market(s) SPROUT is present.
2. Analyze the Product Parameter
3. Analyze the export motives of SPROUT
4. Discuss whether cultural conditions are affecting SPROUT

A danish company based in Taarestrup launched in 2013 with a focus on innovative everyday creations inspired by green change.

Sprout is a company that produces evo-friendly products with a revolutionary idea of recycling. Sprout’s products are all about making a change for a more sustainable everyday life with small nifty concepts pushing the consumer to being more environmental.

At Sprout they recognize that they aren’t going to change the world, however they keep growing their business motivated by small changes that will eventually lead to a better future.

One of their most popular products is a Sprout Pencil. A pencil crafted that once it is fully used you can plant it and turn the pencil into plants, flowers, herbs etc.

It’s truly a product that gives back to the environment.

The whole act of replanting your product makes it fun for the consumer, this motivates them to actually think green and use this alternative. A lot of consumers know that they should be contributing to the environment, but it is often very boring and impractical. With Sprout you can experience a fun twist to your small change towards a greener world. This is truly the whole idea with these products.

Sprout have been able to secure a lot of very big customers with this concept, the likes of; Disney, IKEA, Toyota and many more. Companies and organizations value these products as they are portrayed eco-friendlier by using these products. Signaling to their consumers they are sustainable and therefore receiving a greener company profile and goodwill on the medias.