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A danish company based in Taarestrup launched in 2013 with a focus on innovative everyday creations inspired by green change.

Sprout is a company that produces evo-friendly products with a revolutionary idea of recycling.

Sprout’s products are all about making a change for a more sustainable everyday life with small nifty concepts pushing the consumer to being more environmental.

1. Define in which market(s) SPROUT is present.
2. Analyze the Product Parameter
3. Analyze the export motives of SPROUT
- Reactive reasons:
- Proactive reasons:
4. Discuss whether cultural conditions are affecting SPROUT

1. Define in which market(s) SPROUT is present.
As mentioned, Sprout’s main market is found at B2B totaling 85 % of their sales of the pencil.

They have pure monopoly in their market as they have patent on their products and their whole idea of planting seeds in their pencils/spoons.

Therefore, there are no direct competitors for their products. Right now, the market might seem small with a relatively small product assortment but there is certainly a lot of potential.

2. Analyze the Product Parameter
One of the unique product parameters is the ability of recycling. Reusing a product with another goal or target is a very clever feature.

It creates value over your competitors and wins you market share. The Sprout products are all very eco-friendly, giving this company a lot of goodwill.

The benefits of having an eco-friendly business is shown as they state that they haven’t spent a fortune on marketing however over 3000 bloggers have written about their company

their idea, their concept and products. This has resulted in millions of products being sold and having secured some giant companies.

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