‘Soft Spot’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

The short story “Soft Spot” is written by Ian Rankin on March 29th, 2005. The genre is prose. It is a short story, and therefore it is fiction.

Fiction is typically written to entertain, interest the reader, or scare the reader. To understand the author's message or point, the reader must read through the lines.

The author Ian Rankin is born in 1960 in Cardenden, Scotland. When he was little, he entertained himself with fantasy worlds and drawing comics. He has been studying literature at the University of Edinburgh, and 4 years later, he made his debut.

Theme and mes-sage

The setting is placed wherever Dennis be, and wherever he goes, because it is a third-person narrator.

Most of the time the store takes place in HMP Edinburgh prison where Dennis works as the prison censor in his office. Dennis represents the Middle-class people.

We also experience that Dennis is near Selina’s and Fred's house in a high-class family place. In Bearsden to Selina’s house. Page 10, line 32 “He started taking evening drives to the city Bearsden” to Selina’s house.

On page 7 line 3, we hear about Selina’s background “But she was no dumb blonde: came from a good family, had studied at college”.

We can read between the line in the text that Blaine and the other in-mates in the prison represent the lower class because they aren't getting a job or an income in jail.

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