“Social mobility, already a deep problem, is getting worse ‘for an entire generation of young people.’” Generations after generations have developed modern society

and we are still developing modern society in the 201st century. In our zeal for a modern society, we forget some sections of the population, and some of these are left behind.

In this article, the sender is Poppy Noor. Poppy Noor comes from the working-class, and she is one of them who comes from the background of “free school meals.” She is one of the few who has taken the step up on the social ladder.

Noor is one of them who is in upward mobility. Her family is a working-class family, but she manages to take a step up, and go to university. Because of her family´s lack of wealth, she needs to work even harder to get up in the system and get a well-paid job.

Her main message in this article is: “I don´t want to be socially mobile.” She is putting all this effort into taking the step up, but the barriers there are for the working-class is just too much.