In the Oxford university the class they have a different system than Denmark. That has been valid for generations has been broken in the majority of western countries.

However, for this system of the newest to continually, it is difficult for some sections of the population not to be left behind.

A man in the hospital, because he´s hurt, a group of students and a surgeon, the students come with advice to what, they can do. They students are 16-18 years old.


Once you have read the texts, you have gained a greater knowledge in social mobility, and have some groves the same knowledge and have the same message if you call it.

The texts show us some different education and social mobility. First it is written about how good it is to go to school and how important it is to attend an education, and then develop work in the community.

Summer school also shows where status can be achieved, even if you are not just the best in school or in society, you can always improve and get along.