Running harder, but still standing still | Social Mobility

A report by the Social Mobility Commission has warned the British government about a worrying trend of “treadmill families”, families who are “running harder and harder but standing still”.

These middle income “treadmill families” are the new victims of Britain’s increasing social mobility, what may seem like an exhausting endless quest. This analytic essay will focus on analyzing social mobility in Britain in particular the obstacles of upward social mobility and discuss how to overcome these social mobility obstacles.

In the article “Report Warns Of “Treadmill Families” Who Are “Running Harder but Standing Still” by Jack Peat, facts from the report by the Social Mobility Commission are presented, such as; unfair education system, two-tier labor market, a regionally imbalanced economy and unaffordable housing. Children in Britain can now longer expect to do as well as their parent’s generation. The article also mentions a big geographical disadvantage throughout Britain, a child living in one of the most disadvantaged areas is 27 times more likely to go to an inadequate school than a child in the most advantaged area.

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